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Estimating the burden of asthma

At the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research, we are constantly analysing the routine datasets we have on asthma in order to provide key estimates of the indicators of the burden of asthma in the UK and its member nations.

These estimates include incidence (new asthma cases), prevalence (people with asthma), number of GP and nurse consultations, number of telephone calls to out of hour services, number of ambulance trips, visits to accident and emergency (A&E), hospital admissions, admission to intensive care unit, deaths and costs to the public sector (including disability allowance payments).

Asthma Burden in the UK

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Original research

Read the full paper in BMC Medicine from which these data are taken:

The epidemiology, healthcare and societal burden and costs of asthma in the UK and its member nations: analyses of standalone and linked national databases

Mukherjee et al. BMC Medicine (2016) 14:113

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