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Why Register?


The challenge we face in asthma research

Asthma affects up to four million people in the UK. Research studies are key to finding solutions for preventing asthma, and also for helping people with asthma to manage their symptoms in their day-to-day lives.

We know that many people who would be interested in taking part in asthma studies never hear about opportunities to take part. Likewise, researchers often have difficulty finding enough volunteers to take part in their studies, particularly if they are looking for people within a particular age range, of a particular gender, or with a particular severity of asthma.


The top 5 reasons to register:

  1. Get involved in research opportunities that could make a huge difference to people's daily lives
  2. Increase what we know about asthma and help healthcare professionals improve treatment
  3. Have a voice in research
  4. Learn more about asthma and new treatments
  5. Interact with senior researchers and clinicians

Our goal

REACH is a database of people affected by asthma across the UK (those who have asthma and parents/carers of people with asthma) who are willing to be contacted to take part in future research studies on asthma. We are building this database to help connect researchers who are looking for participants for their studies with people who are keen to participate.


How is your information kept safe?

We make every effort to ensure your data is kept safe. Access our Privacy Statement to learn more about how REACH will protect your information.  If you have any questions about how your data is kept safe, contact the REACH team.

Privacy Statement

Contact the REACH team


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