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What is REACH?

REACH aims to improve participation in asthma research studies in the UK. REACH is a secure database that stores information about people in the UK who are affected by asthma and who are interested in participating in asthma research studies. REACH then helps to put researchers who are looking for participants for their studies in touch with the people who are registered and keen to participate. Having a database of participants with asthma means that we can easily find groups of participants from all over the UK who may be able to take part in asthma research to help improve the care of asthma.

Who can register?

You can register for REACH if you live in the UK and have asthma. If you care for someone with asthma who is unable to register (for example, a child under 16), you can register for them.

The top 5 reasons to register for REACH

  1. Get involved in research opportunities that could make a huge difference to people's daily lives
  2. Increase what we know about asthma and help healthcare professionals improve treatment
  3. Have a voice in research
  4. Learn more about asthma and new treatments
  5. Interact with senior researchers and clinicians

How can I register?

Register on the REACH website

Why is it called 'REACH'?

The name 'REACH' or 'REgister for Asthma researCH' was suggested by one of our Patient and Public Involvement volunteers, and chosen in a vote at our Annual Scientific Meeting in Manchester in 2015.

Key People

Aziz Sheikh Headshot
Aziz Sheikh
Centre Director, Lead: Asthma Observatory, Lead: Database of Research Volunteers
Tracy Jackson photo
Tracy Jackson
Research Fellow, PPI Platform & REACH
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