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Our members include internationally respected clinicians and academics from all four UK nations, our volunteer Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) patient leads, our PhD students and our administrative staff.

Here we list here our directors and other staff who are involved directly with shaping the work of the Centre, alongside our core administrative team. Many more researchers and other staff are involved in the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research across the UK.

Details on researchers leading specific projects at the Centre can be found on our project pages.

PhD students

A full list of our PhD students can be found under Postgraduate Training.

Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch with the Centre, please visit our Contact Us page for details.


The Centre is led by two directors, Professor Aziz Sheikh from the University of Edinburgh and Professor Chris Griffiths from Queen Mary University of London.

Aziz Sheikh Headshot
Aziz Sheikh
Centre Director
Chris Griffiths
Centre Director, Lead: Preventing asthma attacks

Theme leads

The Centre has identified academic leads for our key areas of work, identified below. This includes our core research themes, as well as other areas of support which facilitate and advance the world-leading research we undertake.

Chris Griffiths
Centre Director, Lead: Preventing asthma attacks
Andrew Wilson Headshot
Andrew Wilson
Lead: Preventing asthma attacks
Andy Bush
Lead: Optimising management of asthma attacks
Hilary Pinnock Headshot
Hilary Pinnock
Lead: Optimising management of asthma attacks, Lead: Postgraduate Training, Network Coordinator
Sandra Eldridge Headshot
Sandra Eldridge
Lead: Methodology in Asthma Trials
Steff Lewis Headshot
Steff Lewis
Lead: Methodology in Asthma Trials
Gwyn Davies Headshot
Gwyn Davies
Lead: Postgraduate Training
Lead: Knowledge Exchange
Monica Fletcher
Lead: Knowledge Exchange
Anna De Simoni
Anna De Simoni
Lead: Patient and Public Involvement

Patient and Public Involvement leads

We are indebted to our volunteer PPI patient leads - volunteers who sit on the Centre Management Committee and help shape the work of the Centre to ensure that people affected by asthma stay firmly at our core.

Leo Campbell headshot
Leo Campbell
Volunteer PPI Patient Lead
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Bill Day headshot
Bill Day
Volunteer PPI Patient Lead
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Elisabeth Ehrlich Headshot
Elisabeth Ehrlich
Volunteer PPI Patient Lead
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Olivia Fulton headshot
Olivia Fulton
Volunteer PPI Patient Lead
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Administrative team

The Centre has a small management, communications and administration team.

Lynn Morrice Headshot
Lynn Morrice
Centre Manager
Susan Morrow
Susan Morrow
Co-Centre Manager, IMP2ART Programme Manager
Susan B Headshot
Susan Buckingham
Communications Manager
Jess Conway headshot
Jess Conway
Communications and Digital Engagement Officer
Laura Gonzalez Rienda Headshot
Laura Gonzalez Rienda
Centre Administrator
Ryan Grainger Headshot
Ryan Grainger
Methodology Platform Administrator
Headshot of Lauren Blake
Lauren Blake
Postgraduate Training Co-ordinator
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