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24 Oct 2018

UCL-based PhD student Christina Pearce has co-authored a paper alongside Louise Fleming, published in Expert Review of Clinical Immunology. The paper examines some of the current methods for monitoring adherence to medication in children and young adults with asthma.

Poor adherence in children with asthma is a major cause of asthma attacks and has been identified as a factor in asthma deaths. We need effective ways to monitor adherence in order in order to intervene and change behaviour, and ultimately improve asthma control.

Christina’s paper outlines and critiques current methods for measuring adherence and highlights ways in which they have been used for the purpose of intervention.

As the paper states: 

Although advances have been made in adherence monitoring, we still have some way to go in creating the ideal monitoring tool. 

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Read the full paper in Expert Review of Clinical Immunology

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Christina Joanne Pearce & Louise Fleming (2018) Adherence to medication in children and adolescents with asthma: methods for monitoring and intervention, Expert Review of Clinical Immunology, 14:12, 1055-1063, DOI: 10.1080/1744666X.2018.1532290 

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