Hospital Admissions Data Dashboard

Asthma in Scottish Hospitals

Are you interested in the burden of asthma in Scottish hospitals? Explore the interactive dashboard at the link below, displaying a variety of data around admissions and bed days by gender, health board, and over five years (2012-2016).

Raw data is published by Information Services Division Scotland on the burden of asthma and other conditions on the Scottish health care system. These data have been collated in a visual format by Analytics Engines.

Image of hospital admissions dashboard

Asthma in Scottish hospitals visualisation dashboard - 2012-2016

How to use the dashboard

Please note that this visualisation is best viewed in Firefox or Chrome.

Click on the graphs to filter the data by health board, age, gender and year. Raw data for each visualisation is available to download via the '?’ button, and the plot data available as a CSV file.

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