About the UK Asthma Observatory

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What is the UK Asthma Observatory?

A hub for data relating to asthma across the UK. Here you can explore available data to see changes over time, and across the UK. Our Data Catalogue lists details of available datasets on asthma.

What is the data catalogue for?

Our overarching goal is to provide sufficient information that will aid the general public, policy makers and researchers in finding datasets relevant to understanding the burden of asthma in the UK.

These datasets include routine primary care and hospital datasets, datasets on the healthcare and social care costs, and datasets on asthma from the national health surveys. For asthma investigators, the data catalogue is a useful source of information on datasets relevant for undertaking clinically important research on asthma.

Where are the data?

Each dataset is being held with an external data custodian. Our data catalogue provides information on what datasets are available for each indicator of asthma, detailed description of each dataset, and access links to the external data custodian where each dataset is kept.

Why might it help you?

You may wish to find out more about trends in asthma diagnosis, or asthma deaths over time, or hot spots of asthma prevalence within the UK – this platform from the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research enables us all to do just that, and more.

By bringing together data that are routinely collected every day in the NHS we can help to inform better care and treatment for patients.

By providing these data in an easily interpretable way to patients, clinicians and policymakers, we can help to ensure that changes made to service provision, to asthma care and management, are based on the best available evidence.

It is also a resource for researchers, to help answer important questions in improving care for people with asthma – supporting and enabling applied asthma research in the UK.

I have asthma - will people be able to see information about me, personally?

These data are anonymous - there is no information about individual people, rather it is collected together to show patterns and trends across the country.

Can I see some of these data?

You can explore the burden of asthma in the UK, including data for each of the home nations, as well as an interactive dashboard which displays information on asthma hospitalisations in Scotland.

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