Visual Data

Visual Data

Want to know more about the trends in asthma in the UK? Want to explore available data to see changes over time, and in different parts of the UK? Interactive maps coming soon.

Estimating the burden of asthma

At the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research, we are constantly analysing the routine datasets we have on asthma in order to provide key estimates of the indicators of the burden of asthma in the UK and its member nations.

These estimates include incidence (rate of new asthma cases), prevalence (proportion of people with asthma at a specific time point), rate of hospital admissions, number of medication prescriptions, deaths, costs to the NHS, and social costs (e.g. disability allowance payments and school and work absenteeism).

Interactive maps

Explore data from across the UK in our interactive maps. These are best viewed on a desktop screen.

Trends in Asthma Prevalence in Scotland

Variations and Trends in Asthma Prevalence in Scotland

Variations in Asthma Prevalence in Scotland

Ingredient costs of drugs for asthma


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