SPEAK Asthma

SPEAK Asthma

Join our SPEAK Asthma network!

  • Are you 12-19 years old?
  • Do you have asthma, or care for someone with asthma?
  • Do you want to help make asthma research better?

We are a network of young people working together to improve asthma research. We have all been affected by asthma in some way, either through having it or having a friend or sibling with asthma.

Getting involved means helping other young people through asthma research better.
There are a lot of reasons to get involved. You can:

  • Learn more about research
  • Chat to other young people with asthma
  • Meet researchers across the UK
  • Have a say in future asthma research
  • Get thank you vouchers and certificate for helping us out!

How do we make a difference?

Researchers want to hear what we think of their ideas or how they could better solve problems that affect us when we’re dealing with our asthma. Our main job is to offer advice and ideas. We use email, Facebook, or meet in person to work together with researchers.

Who are we?

Our group is led by a group of researchers, nurses and other people with asthma. Tracy is a researcher that helps get people involved in research. Ann is a local Asthma Nurse at Sick Kids. And Olivia is a young woman who has asthma herself, and also works as a community based nurse.

Contact us at Speak.asthma@ed.ac.uk to find out more.  Also be sure to follow us on twitter @SPEAKAsthma

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