Who's Who?

Allison Worth

Our Patient and Public Involvement team is led by Anna De Simoni. We also have three volunteer PPI patient leads who contribute to the strategic direction of the Centre, and take part in various initiatives, including speaking at public events, advising on our research and leading the PPI platform.

Leo Campbell headshot

Leo Campbell

Leo is a volunteer PPI patient lead and a member of the Centre Management Committee. Leo’s particular interest in the Centre is its focus on applied outcomes and he has helped drive a focus on the social risk factors around asthma, his insight coming from the experience of his daughter’s death. Leo has businesses in healthy food and digital marketing. 

Elisabeth Ehrlich headshot

Elisabeth Ehrlich

Elisabeth Ehrlich is a patient, retired teacher and a volunteer PPI patient lead. She collaborates with researchers in grant applications, reviews lay summaries and PhD proposals. She contributed to an npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine article published in 2014 and Asthma UK's Forgotten Generation report.

Olivia Fulton headshot

Olivia Fulton

Olivia is a volunteer PPI patient lead, and speaks from her experiences of living with severe asthma. She is a member of the Centre Management Committee, speaks at various meetings from the patient perspective and co-facilitates the SPEAK Asthma group.

Tracy Jackson

Tracy Jackson

Tracy Jackson is the PPI Research Fellow and helps to facilitate the Patient Advisory Group as well as the young person’s advisory group, SPEAK Asthma. She is always happy to hear from new volunteers!

Anna De Simoni headshot

Anna De Simoni

Anna is the Patient and Public Involvement Lead, supporting Tracy and the Patient Advisory Group. She is a Clinical Lecturer in Primary Care, based at QMUL, and a GP. Anna also sits on the Centre Management Committee.

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