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For researchers

REACH complements and supplements your recruiting efforts by connecting you with a network of participants.

How it works

          STEP 1          Researcher sends participant eligibility criteria to REACH Team

          STEP 2          REACH Team queries database and provides researcher number of potentially eligible                                                    participants

          STEP 3          Researcher completes and submits application form and approval documents

          STEP 4          REACH Steering Group reviews application form and approval documents

          STEP 5          If approved, REACH Team shares potentially eligible participants’ contact details with researcher

          STEP 6          Researcher contacts potentially eligible participants providing information on their study and                                        an invitation to participate

Getting started

If you are an investigator seeking to recruit people with asthma in the UK through REACH, please email the REACH Team at to start the application process.  Please note there is a fee for extraction of data for approved applications.

Download Investigator Application Form (MSWord)

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