What we do

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Research and Support

We work collaboratively on key areas of applied research to improve the prevention and management of asthma attacks.

This is supported by an ecosystem designed to facilitate and advance the world-leading research we undertake.

Asthma UK asthma action plan

Encouraging good asthma control

Supported self-management is a way of helping people manage their asthma on a day-to-day basis. This programme of work is looking at ways of embedding supported self-management of asthma into primary care.
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Maximising benefits of treatment

Asthma has different phenotypes and different triggers so not all treatments are suitable for every type of asthma. This programme of work is looking at how and why different people respond differently to treatment.

Reducing exacerbations and preventing deaths

Many asthma exacerbations could be prevented. This programme of work is looking at factors that might trigger an exacerbation and if we can predict individuals at risk.
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REACH - Database for Research Volunteers

Streamlining recruitment into asthma studies so that people affected by asthma can participate in studies they are interested in.
Postgraduate students and platform leads at ASM16

Postgraduate Training

Developing the next generation of world-class applied asthma researchers through our postgraduate training programme.
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Ensuring the work we do uses the most appropriate and effective methods to improve the quality of research carried out.
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