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IMPlementing IMProved Asthma self-management as Routine Treatment

IMP²ART aims to help general practices embed supported self-management into routine asthma care.

Supported self-management is not routine

We know that people with asthma are well placed to manage their condition themselves.

This is most successful when there is a combination of patient education, professional training and organisational support in place to help.

Each component is rarely effective in isolation. We call this ‘whole systems’ approach, that addresses all three aspects, ‘supported self-management’.

We want to help general practices to embed supported self-management into routine asthma care.

What are we doing about it?

We have previously reviewed existing research on self-management of asthma. We determined that there are three key components to successful self-management

  1. patient education

  2. professional training

  3. organisational support

We now need to determine the best way to ensure these three components of supported self-management are implemented in general practices across the United Kingdom.

We are doing this through three strands of work

  1. routinely collected data
    we will test the feasibility of extracting data on asthma care from electronic health records

  2. interviews
    we will explore the best ways of enabling supported self-management to be fully adopted in routine practice through focus groups and interviews with patients, family doctors, nurses and practice staff

  3. systematic review of existing research
    we will review existing research into professional education interventions in asthma and diabetes to inform the development of an education package

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Bringing all this information together will help us to plan an appropriate implementation strategy to help general practices across the UK to embed supported self-management into routine asthma care.

We will then apply for further funding to develop and evaluate a UK-wide trial of the intervention.

We hope to see supported self-management become a routine part of asthma care across the UK.

Key People

Hilary Pinnock Headshot
Hilary Pinnock
Network Coordinator, Lead: Encourage good asthma control, Co-Lead: Postgraduate Training
Stephanie Taylor
Stephanie Taylor
Co-Lead: Encourage good asthma control
Susan Morrow
Susan Morrow
Programme Manager
Luke Daines Headshot
Luke Daines
PhD Student
Neil Wright
Neil Wright
Research Fellow
Nicola McCleary
Nicola McCleary
Systematic Reviewer/Research Fellow
Audrey Buelo
Audrey Buelo
PhD Student
Amanda Andrews
Researcher – systematic review
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01 Nov 2015 – 31 Oct 2016

Contact us

Do you want to know more about the study?  Would you be interested in taking part?

Susan Morrow

0131 6503044

More information

Read more about our previous work reviewing what makes self-management a success

The ‘PRISMS’ study

Download information leaflets

Study information leaflet for practices interested in participating (PDF)

Information about IMP2ART_V1 0_200116

Patient Information Leaflet – for patients and carers interested in participating (PDF)

Patient information leaflet_V1.0_151215

Participant Information Sheet for doctors, asthma nurses and administrative staff working in general practices who are interested in participating (PDF)

IMP2ART – Qualitative PIS_Staff_V1.0_151215

Please note the full contact details for NHS complaints offices will vary by region across Scotland and England and will be included on your own copy of the above documents that you will be given if you take part in the study.


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