Project: Health psychology for improving adherence

Cochrane review project: Health psychology for improving adherence to asthma treatment

There are over 330 million people with asthma in the world. We know that medicines for asthma work very well. But over half of people with asthma do not take these medicines as recommended. This leads to asthma symptoms, asthma attacks and admissions to hospital.  Many researchers have tried to improve this medication-taking in different ways, however only few of their ideas have worked well.

What are we doing about it?

We think that using theories about how people behave and think (called health psychology) can lead to better ways to improve medication taking in asthma. In this Cochrane review we want to find out if using health psychology to improve medication-taking actually works better than not using health psychology to change behaviour. We also want to find out what factors make it work better.

Key people from AUKCAR

Amy Chan Headshot
Amy Chan
Research Associate
Caroline Katzer profile photo
Caroline Katzer
Affiliated PhD Student
University College London
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Marissa Mes headshot
Marissa Mes
Affiliated PhD Student
University College London
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Chris Newby Headshot
Chris Newby
Lecturer, Methodology Platform
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Stephanie Taylor
Hilary Pinnock Headshot
Hilary Pinnock
Lead: Optimising management of asthma attacks, Lead: Postgraduate Training, Network Coordinator
Aziz Sheikh Headshot
Aziz Sheikh
Centre Director


August 2017 to December 2018

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