Health Economics Group

Health Economics Methodology Group

What is Health Economics?

Health economics focuses on getting good value out of our limited health care resources and budgets.

Are you planning economic evaluation with the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research?

We can provide advice on

  • whether an economic evaluation is relevant to your study;

  • what type of economic evaluation may suit your study;

  • how to plan for such an evaluation;

  • how relevant data can be collected;

  • how to analyse the data;

  • time and number of staff required.

What we do?

  • Investigate how healthcare resources are used to help people with asthma;

  • Design and conduct economic evaluations of new treatments, diagnostic tools and healthcare programs for people with asthma;

  • Forecast and model outcomes of new treatments and healthcare programmes;

  • Provide policy makers with advice concerning the allocation of resources in asthma care.

Who are we?

Anita Patel Headshot

Anita Patel

Professor of Health Economics, Queen Mary University of London

Anita joined the Centre in 2015 following 20 years at King’s College London. She is also lead health economist at the Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit (PCTU) at QMUL. She has particular experience and expertise in evaluating complex interventions for people with long-term and difficult to manage conditions such as serious mental illness and stroke. Her work in these two clinical areas has been influential in underpinning national and international clinical guidelines and service change and she undertakes several external roles related to these.

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Deborah Fitzsimmons

Deborah Fitzsimmons

Professor & Academic Director, Swansea Centre for Health Economics, Swansea University

Deb has over 22 years of experience in health services research and in recent years has focused on health economics and outcomes research, in particular designing and interpreting patient reported outcomes and evaluating interventions for people with cancer and  chronic health needs.  Since joining the centre in 2013, Deb has contributed to several projects in asthma and is jointly supervising an Asthma UK PhD studentship. Deb has provided expertise to several national health policy making bodies , including the area of respiratory health, in order to support the translation of health economic evidence into real-world decision making.

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Andrew Stoddart Headshot

Andrew Stoddart

Health Economist, Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit, University of Edinburgh

Andy has worked in health services research as a health economist since 2011. His work has predominantly been involved in telehealth, respiratory care, data-linkage and diagnostic testing in cancer. He has particular interests in studies utilising randomised trial design and/or routine data. He has contributed to the Centre since 2013 providing methodological support and advice on various projects.

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Natalia Hounsome

Natalia Hounsome

Lecturer in Health Economics, Queen Mary University of London

Natalia joined the Centre in 2015, having previously been based at the Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit, Queen Mary University of London, where she continues to be involved in a number of clinical trials. Within the Centre she is currently conducting research into core outcomes for assessing the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of treatments for people with asthma. Her areas of expertise include assessments of diagnostic equipment, pharmaceutical products, psychological therapies and public health programmes.

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