Patient and Public Involvement

SPEAK Asthma group members

What does the Patient and Public Involvement Platform do?

We want to ensure our research is relevant to people affected by asthma  To do this, we involve people from all across the UK who either have asthma, or have been affected asthma, in our research.

We involve people of all ages, with a variety of different backgrounds and skills. Our patient and lay volunteers generously share the expertise they have gained through lived experience with our researchers.

If you are affected by asthma and want to know more about getting involved, read our Public Involvement pages

Public Involvement

How are people involved?

We have a Patient Advisory Group that includes over 130 people across the UK.  We also have four PPI volunteer leads who are members of our Centre Management Committee and help inform the strategic direction of the Centre.  Our wider Patient Advisory Group often provides feedback for our research programmes, as well as supporting other projects. Volunteers have opportunities to be involved at every step of the research process, from grant applications to the design of study materials, and sharing information about research findings.

We also have a group for children and young people, SPEAK Asthma.  SPEAK Asthma gives children and young people a way to collaborate with researchers on projects that are important to them.  SPEAK Asthma members enjoy getting to meet other young people with asthma and help make research better for young people.

We are keen to involve patient and lay volunteers in as many ways as possible, offering flexible ways of contributing. We find that many people enjoy creative opportunities such as helping at Science Festivals, networking with our researchers or designing leaflets.

How does it help?

Many researchers come to us with questions about how to make their studies better and how to meaningfully involve people in their research. They are interested in hearing from patients about what research topics are important for them, what works in managing their asthma, and how they might be able to recruit more people into their studies. We support researchers to develop patient involvement in their studies to ensure that people affected by asthma are at the heart of all we do.

Key People

Allison Worth Headshot
Allison Worth
Lead: Patient and Public Involvement
Anna De Simoni
Anna De Simoni
Co-Lead Patient and Public Involvement
Michael Bang Headshot
Michael Bang
PPI Lead
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Leo Campbell headshot
Leo Campbell
PPI Lead
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Elisabeth Ehrlich Headshot
Elisabeth Ehrlich
PPI Lead
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Olivia Fulton Headshot
Olivia Fulton
PPI Lead
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Tracy Jackson photo
Tracy Jackson
Research Fellow, PPI Platform & REACH

Associated Projects

Project: My Asthma Story

Our researchers want to hear directly from people affected by asthma. What is your asthma story?

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Patient and Public Involvment

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