Postgraduate Training

Postgraduate students and platform leads at ASM16

What does the Postgraduate Training Platform do?

The Postgraduate Training platform aims to enrol the most exceptional candidates and nurture them to become the next generation of leaders in world-class asthma research. 

What is special about our PhD opportunities? 

  • A Postgraduate Training Coordinator works across the Centre to build capacity and capability in the applied asthma research field.  
  • Training opportunities include an Annual Scientific Meeting, webinars, face-to-face sessions, online resources and a strong student voice on the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research’s Management Committee.  
  • All studentships must have an external supervisor from a partner institution within the Centre. Reflecting the ethos of the Centre, this has led to cross-fertilisation of ideas and fostered new collaborations across the UK.  
  • Proposals are all reviewed by a Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) panel to ensure that the projects are relevant to patients. PhD students are encouraged to seek patient feedback on all aspects of the work. 
  • Regular conferences offer opportunities to network and collaborate with leading applied asthma researchers from across the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research’s member institutions and scientists from many more affiliated Universities across the UK 
  • A bursary scheme supports the students’ attendance at national and international conferences to present their work. 

The wider support of the Centre 

The PhD studentships are further supported by the extensive infrastructure of the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research. In addition to the UK-wide Postgraduate Training Scheme for Asthma Researchers, other platforms include methodological support (UK Methodology Service for Asthma Trials) and practical resources (UK Database of Asthma Research Volunteers, UK Asthma Observatory), structures for robust patient and public involvement (UK Forum for PPI in Asthma Research) and imaginative, proactive dissemination supported by a Knowledge Exchange lead.

What do our PhD students research? 

The varied studentships cut across all research programmes of the Centre, and across our strategic supporting platforms. See below for details of all current PhD studentships.

Key People

Hilary Pinnock Headshot
Hilary Pinnock
Lead: Optimising management of asthma attacks, Lead: Postgraduate Training, Network Coordinator
Gwyn Davies Headshot
Gwyn Davies
Lead: Postgraduate Training
Headshot of Lauren Blake
Lauren Blake
Postgraduate Training Co-ordinator

Current students

Find out more about the current cohort of PhD students - and their projects.

Current PhD students

Our current PhD students form a vibrant and active group - though they are based at various locations around the UK. Each of our PhD students are undertaking a unique project in the field of applied asthma research, and have supervisors from at least two member institutions.

Affiliate students have been formally adopted by the Centre. They must be based in one of our member institutions, and be working on a study that aligns with our programmes of work and/or platforms. Benefits of being an affiliated PhD student include access to the post-graduate training scheme.


We have directly leveraged increased funding for asthma research and brokered collaboration between clinicians, researchers and policy makers.  

Some studentships are funded directly by Asthma UK as part of the core funding of the Centre.  Others are funded though matched institutional/government/health board support. There are new opportunities for PhD students across the UK to become formally affiliated to the Centre; which should further enhance research development and UK-wide collaboration. 

All our PhD students and early career researchers benefit from the support and training of the Postgraduate Training Platform. 

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